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Tanco Group Ltd., we understand the value of a proactive approach to equipment maintenance. Tanco Group Ltd. works with you to develop a Preventative Maintenance schedule that’s ideal for your business and your budget. Our Preventative Maintenance Program outlines a comprehensive schedule of key maintenance functions throughout the year, specifically designed to reduce unexpected repairs, cost of parts, equipment down time, therefore maximizing your investment. Preventative maintenance covers all commercial refrigeration equipment. Our expert technicians are trained to anticipate and correct potential issues, when problems are more easily and cost-effectively fixed.

The benefits of Tanco Group Ltd’s Preventative Maintenance Program are overwhelming:

Did you know?

Preventative Maintenance Programs will not only increase the life of your equipment, but will maximize your investment. We perform a complete inspection and system diagnostic on your commercial refrigeration equipment including:

Minimize equipment downtime – increasing productivity and profitability
Fewer costly emergency and after hours service calls
Reduced waste when equipment breaks down and food spoils
Improved equipment performance contributing to food safety, employee safety and energy efficiency
Enables more predictable and steady budgeting for equipment maintenance
Scheduled at times that are convenient to you, minimizing business disruptions
Helps maintain validity of manufacturer warranties
Improves equipment life span and reduces overall life cycle costs
Peace of mind!

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